Why all the food talk?!

Why all the food talk?!

What the frack? It seems everywhere I turn, I’m surrounded by food IN ALL DIRECTIONS!
It’s on tv, in magazines, on just about every street corner and No! We’re NOT talking about
Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s; talking about junk food (ak.a slow poison) masquerading as “viable” nutritional sources-REALLY?!

Yeah I’m on a rant! It’s time WE all pulled our heads out of our collective behinds and realize that there is nothing “convenient” or “fast” (O B V I U O S L Y!) about these so called “restaurant chains” that package death and give you a toy to play with while your insides slowly putrefy from all the grease, left over toxins, and GMO ridden gunk THEY call food.

And WE’RE supposed to believe them when they say they’re “making” changes to use antibiotic-free meats and pesticide-free produce at their “eateries”? Did I mention that’ll kick in in like, maybe 5 years from now? AND in “phases”? Lao on that one! ūüėČ ūüôā

Oh let’s not forget, they’re “committed” to helping us eat healthier (a.ka. don’t die on us yet ’cause we need you to continue eating our crap because we need you to drive our profit!) Yeah, riiiight. All you have to do is look around you, at the people in the hospital (if you work in the medical field like me, you see the frightening results on a daily basis), family and friends to know THAT AIN’T WORKING!

So why do we keep looking for short cuts to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle? I know it’s being done in other parts of the world? What I see is that it’s not all black and white, clear cut, or how ever you want to term it.
The ugly truth is that staggering numbers of people in the U.S. are literally STARVING to death, not so much from a lack of food, but a lack of HEALTHY food resources, especially in urban areas where these so called “convenient” restaurants have a monopoly; you’ll see McDonald’s before you see a farmer’s market Whole Foods, and so forth. Thanks to activists like Michael Moore, Robert Kenner (Food INC.), the non-GMO project and others, WE are finally getting it!

The Fast food industry and big agra-business ARE NOT concerned about our health, they’re only interested in ability to drive their profit and so it’s up to US to be our own advocates….time to get educated; our lives and the lives of our loved ones depend on it!

Quick and easy seafood saut√© and brown rice recipe

Quick and easy seafood saut√© and brown rice recipe

Hands up, if you work long hours! Eating healthy on the go is never easy if you don’t have a plan. But it’s not impossible even if you have no clue where to start. All you need are a few basic healthy, quick and easy meal recipes that you can cycle through during the week. That’s why I’m sharing a favorite seafood saut√© and brown rice recipe!

Getting healthy options

For the most part, I think we have a tendency to make things more complicated than necessary. Educating yourself about where your food comes from and realizing that healthy means fresh and unprocessed, is half the battle.

There’s hope though! Thanks to sustainable and humane¬† ( organic and local food farming, co-ops, etc) cultivation practices, we can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that WE don’t have to break the bank to gain access to pesticide free, sustainably grown, and humanely reared livestock!

After all that, cooking is easy! As I’ve mentioned before, I buy mostly organic foods and stay away from the “dirty dozen” . That means I stay away from those fruits and veggies that tend to get treated ¬†with high amounts of pesticides. Also, when I DO eat meat, poultry, or fish I also pay attention to labels, etc.

Seafood sauté and brown rice recipe

seafood sauté and brown rice Recipe blog image

Your basic ingredients:-

1. Cup ¬†of steamed organic brown rice& quinoa medley (available Sam’s Club, or other retailers)

2. 1/2 cup of organic mini bella mushrooms

3. 2 cups of shredded organic greens (psst! I got mine at traders Joe’s )

4. 1/2 cup of Sea food medley or other protein sources

5. 1 teaspoon of curry powder, 1/4 teaspoon of spices paprika and a pinch of sea salt to taste (you can also subst. 3 table spoons of stock instead)

6. 2 cloves of chopped garlic

7. Garnish with some steamed or blanched peas (this is optional).


Next, sauté your garlic in one tablespoon of cold pressed organic sunflower seed oil ( or any other oil that has a high smoke point) along with the dry ingredients. Then, toss in your brown rice-quinoa mix and veggies with your lightly sautéd seafood medley. To keep your seafood from overcooking, sauté the seafood  separately for approx. 5-7mins and then toss everything together and Voila!  All done! Yep, it only took me 15mins and I was out the door with a healthy home cooked meal, Boomsies!

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Inspiration Friday!

Inspiration Friday!

Hello ¬†everybody! I’m so happy to be here and part of this wonderful community of creative people, friends, well wishers and the list goes on and on, He he he! ¬†I’m one of those quirky women so get used to it! Anyway today is what I like to call “Inspiration Friday” where I invite everyone to be inspired, empowered and activated to be all that YOU (in my case, ME) to be; after all what ever our issues as citizens of this earth, we are all special and capable of doing something truly good for our world and our environment.

Soon you’ll come to know that when I speak about getting “fit and fabulous” I’m not just talking about the part of you that people “see”, I’m talking about being fit physically, mentally, as well as spiritually! Come on let’s face it, if you’re a train wreck on the inside but look like you’re rocking fabulous, that would be the REAL tragedy. After all, how do you think you’re going to get to that place where you’re healthy and whole if you’re a hot mess on the inside??

Make a choice now…

Getting fit is really important to me but more than that is being WHOLE on the inside of me; you can’t see you way clearly or rationally if you’re carrying a ton of unhealthy baggage in addition to an unhealthy weight. My mission on this journey is to get to my envisioned level of physical fitness BUT ALSO internally fit and fabulous; what a joy it will be to YOU all with ME!

Ok enough with the tear jerking moments and let’s take this time to look on the inside of ourselves, be real about what needs fixing and healing AND finally START FULFILLING our potential here on this earth….





All about that skin…

All about that skin…

Time for some skin indulgence, and it all starts right here with some of my favorite goodies! I love, love, love me some LUSH natural cosmetics and no, I’m not letting any of it fall out of my hands, Ha,¬†resistance is futile y’all! But on a more serious note, I’ll always remember my mom’s constant mantra of “take of skin, and it will take care of you”, “what you eat shows up on your face”, yada yada yada…

Turns out mama was right and thank God I listened! Diet, exercise and nutrition make up the foundation for great glowy and healthy skin; so put away the gimmicks and tricks to hide the evidence of poor nutritional habits and start taking care of YOUR HEALTH! *love these exclamation points by the way* Anyway, did I mention the whole thing about diet, exercise and nutrition? Yeah? Ok GOOD!! There is no short cut to lovely skin, and barring such things as hormonal changes, genetics, etc, REMEMBER: YOUR SKIN IS THE LARGEST ORGAN OF YOUR BODY, get it? Ok now let’s move on to the fun stuff.lushvs

I fully admit to being a skincare¬†freak and I’m proud of it so there. The good news is, any one can become a skincare freak by simply educating yourself about your health and nutrition as well as those products that act as nirvana for your particular skin type. Everybody’s skin is different in terms of sensitivities, needs, problem areas, etc.

I Was blessed to have a mom who believed that your skin is a reflection of your internal health and it’s also a “canvas” upon which you express yourself through make up and attitude. So over the years I’ve tried just about every major skincare line and their bargain brands too! I’ve learned to “evolve” on my skincare product choices based on the needs of my skin and the consistency of product integrity. Needless to say, I’ve moved away from major brands that constantly “REFORMULATE” certain products in their skincare lines; it works for them, but most of the time my skin yells “No,No, No”.

I’ve got a long list of favorites but my foundational skincare regime is made of skincare lines that use non synthetic natural products and are NOT constantly changing out formulas! Here’s my go to skincare when I want to “ZEN” out after a long day at work. Not only do these products smell yummy, LUSH is known for their natural ingredients…and on that note, it’s time for my dragon ball bath boom and a cup of my new favorite tea from Teavana; LIFE is GOOD!!!

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