Inspiration Friday!

Inspiration Friday!

Hello  everybody! I’m so happy to be here and part of this wonderful community of creative people, friends, well wishers and the list goes on and on, He he he!  I’m one of those quirky women so get used to it! Anyway today is what I like to call “Inspiration Friday” where I invite everyone to be inspired, empowered and activated to be all that YOU (in my case, ME) to be; after all what ever our issues as citizens of this earth, we are all special and capable of doing something truly good for our world and our environment.

Soon you’ll come to know that when I speak about getting “fit and fabulous” I’m not just talking about the part of you that people “see”, I’m talking about being fit physically, mentally, as well as spiritually! Come on let’s face it, if you’re a train wreck on the inside but look like you’re rocking fabulous, that would be the REAL tragedy. After all, how do you think you’re going to get to that place where you’re healthy and whole if you’re a hot mess on the inside??

Make a choice now…

Getting fit is really important to me but more than that is being WHOLE on the inside of me; you can’t see you way clearly or rationally if you’re carrying a ton of unhealthy baggage in addition to an unhealthy weight. My mission on this journey is to get to my envisioned level of physical fitness BUT ALSO internally fit and fabulous; what a joy it will be to YOU all with ME!

Ok enough with the tear jerking moments and let’s take this time to look on the inside of ourselves, be real about what needs fixing and healing AND finally START FULFILLING our potential here on this earth….