Oh Saturday…time for the outdoors

Oh Saturday…time for the outdoors

I’m in love with Saturdays, especially the early mornings that are filled with the fresh sounds of a new day; that annoying squirrel creeping into your flower boxes, birds chirping…yeah, yeah!

I love the weekend even when it means I have to get up and go to work and maybe miss out on a large portion of that sunshine therapy. Somewhat nutty? I can’t bring myself to care about what anyone else thinks about it because getting out into nature for me means, I can B R  E A T H E! That’s right; my body and all my senses feel expanded, rejuvenated and open to all the possibilities around me.

What a wonderful feeling! Who wants to miss out on that I say? Working up a good enough sweat to feel the burn of your muscles is just an added bonus in my book. Plus, you’ll eventually realize that those pants that you couldn’t quite zip all the way up? Yep, they’re  getting loose around the middle! Mmm hum!

Speaking of which, it’s time for me to go knock out a few rounds “over the river and through the woods”…well not really, but a long hike through the surrounding trails near the riverwalk will do just fine for me…


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