Bye bye clown face; don’t hate!

Bye bye clown face; don’t hate!

Alright ladies, if you’re easily offended then THIS post isn’t for you. As a bonafide skincare freak, I’m here to tell you that rocky road looks and taste good as ice cream; as your skin? Not so much! Just saying, I know the truth hurts but there you have it.

In the words of my dear mamma, “what you eat is what you see” and “it doesn’t matter how much foundation you “spackle” on (lmao, mom was priceless), you can’t hide bad skin!”. In short, if you don’t take care of your skin (from the inside out), guess what? You end up with the rocky road ice cream effect, and as I ALREADY said, that ONLY looks tasty as ICE CREAM!!!
Just making sure you heard me, ha haha. But really, for some bad skin has become an issue of self-esteem,   heartache and literally a  frustration. I’ve been there too! Everyone has skin issues at some point (some both longer and more difficult to resolve than others), but the bottom line is, good skin requires a nutrient rich diet coupled with an excellent  (yes, that does include hygiene in case you’re wondering!) skincare regime (you those things like face wash, toner, moisturizer,  etc).

The “trick” is to find and optimize the one that works for YOU! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) for me, I have “Diva” skin. Yep, you know, that skin that reacts to everything and anything unless it’s babied, lol!

When I was in my early teens and early 20’s this SOOO was NOT funny because my skin kept erupting like Mt Vesuvius anytime I put anything on it that it didn’t like! This from someone who had a skincare freak for a mom too, so it’s not like I didn’t healthy for the most part; it’s just that I didn’t now what my skin needed, what was “setting it off” and upping my skincare regime.

All that said, WHATEVER you do, don’t pack on the camo to cover up problem skin ’cause you ain’t fooling anyone about what’s underneath;  you’ve merely got the CLOWN FACE going, and THAT REALLY ain’t pretty!

Some of my miracle elixirs can be found at LUSH, Kiehl’s, Shiseido,  Clarins, and Tatcha. I know a bit pricey (in some cases) BUT I learned that most of the “cheap” stuff is a real killer and eruption bringer!!! Like I said, educate yourself about diet, nutrition,  and what works for YOUR skin type because we’re all different when it comes to our skincare needs…