All about that skin…

All about that skin…

Time for some skin indulgence, and it all starts right here with some of my favorite goodies! I love, love, love me some LUSH natural cosmetics and no, I’m not letting any of it fall out of my hands, Ha, resistance is futile y’all! But on a more serious note, I’ll always remember my mom’s constant mantra of “take of skin, and it will take care of you”, “what you eat shows up on your face”, yada yada yada…

Turns out mama was right and thank God I listened! Diet, exercise and nutrition make up the foundation for great glowy and healthy skin; so put away the gimmicks and tricks to hide the evidence of poor nutritional habits and start taking care of YOUR HEALTH! *love these exclamation points by the way* Anyway, did I mention the whole thing about diet, exercise and nutrition? Yeah? Ok GOOD!! There is no short cut to lovely skin, and barring such things as hormonal changes, genetics, etc, REMEMBER: YOUR SKIN IS THE LARGEST ORGAN OF YOUR BODY, get it? Ok now let’s move on to the fun stuff.lushvs

I fully admit to being a skincare freak and I’m proud of it so there. The good news is, any one can become a skincare freak by simply educating yourself about your health and nutrition as well as those products that act as nirvana for your particular skin type. Everybody’s skin is different in terms of sensitivities, needs, problem areas, etc.

I Was blessed to have a mom who believed that your skin is a reflection of your internal health and it’s also a “canvas” upon which you express yourself through make up and attitude. So over the years I’ve tried just about every major skincare line and their bargain brands too! I’ve learned to “evolve” on my skincare product choices based on the needs of my skin and the consistency of product integrity. Needless to say, I’ve moved away from major brands that constantly “REFORMULATE” certain products in their skincare lines; it works for them, but most of the time my skin yells “No,No, No”.

I’ve got a long list of favorites but my foundational skincare regime is made of skincare lines that use non synthetic natural products and are NOT constantly changing out formulas! Here’s my go to skincare when I want to “ZEN” out after a long day at work. Not only do these products smell yummy, LUSH is known for their natural ingredients…and on that note, it’s time for my dragon ball bath boom and a cup of my new favorite tea from Teavana; LIFE is GOOD!!!

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Hump day and all that stuff…

Hump day and all that stuff…

imageAs a fitness coach, I’m learning and growing into being my own boss with the powerful realization that the ONLY one qualified to put a value on my skills, abilities and potential, IS ME! How liberating is that ? Ha ha! As women, the “odds” are definitely not in our favor when it comes down to being fairly compensated for our talents and skills, hence the draw toward being our own bosses, etc.

I know for me it was a combination of things; first came health issues due to work-related stress and poor nutrition and second, I just got tired of not getting fairly compensentated and appreciated for my skills simply because of how the deck is stacked against women in the work place in general. Other issues definitely came into play as well, but the bottom line is that there is nothing more rewarding than stepping out on faith and taking the plung as the creator of YOUR own destiny! YAY! *cartwheels* let freedom reign!

These days I’m taking the time to reach out and make new friends and connections in order to share my journey to fitness and empowerment (yep, still a work in progress *giggles*) while opening the door to new experiences and lifes’ adventures…. You can join in too…

Spring break!

Spring break!

imdianadunesI don’t know about you, but I’ll take any excuse to escape from winter! We’ve all had and blazed past  the “New Year’s ” resolution phase and are now wondering,  what now? I’m thinking it’s actually time to reevaluate and shift gears so we can really make those much needed changes.

Getting outdoors from some nature therapy is a good way to “smell the roses”, recharge, or whatever. Breathing in the cool breeze of spring delicately scented with a hint of spring flowers, always lifts my spirits and reminds me that I’m still alive and filled with hope!

Staying and committing to fitness goals and lifestyle changes is never easy, BUT if you really want a life that’s dulling and positive, this is a great way to start. I started my journey last year after paying 2 years of gym fees at a gym I just couldn’t get up the energy and motivation to stick out!

I’d tries it before, but this time around I was feeling discouraged and unmotivated when I just couldn’t drop the weight or inches…

A friend at work reached out to me about beach body fitness ( yes, the very same one you hear about on tv, etc) and after some research, A LOT of skepticism,  I took the plunge because I had nothing to lose  (excuse the pun). Anyway, it worked in a big way for me, BECAUSE I actually connected with people who actually cared and supported me- who’d a thunk it! And online to boot, lol!

Out of that success I too became a beachbody coach who’s also committed to helping other women on their fitness journey. What ever you so this week, get outside and take some time for you because you’re worth it!



The inner you: who’s your alter ego?

The inner you: who’s your alter ego?

Ever imagined who you could be if you were able to unleash the power within you? Me? I’m the female version of gambit (lol, yep I’m a comic book kid with the x-men as my fave) amped up with a little bit of storm’s qualities (i.e. the glowing eyes, energy manipulation, etc).

The bottom line, IS I want to unleash that power within me; that potential that will allow me to grow and achieve my dreams…starting out with my physical fitness and maximizing my health and fitness potential and finally, opening up the doors of success to all the other areas of my life!

Are YOU in a similar place? Are YOU drifting or filling trapped in the same place, not going forward or backwards; just STUCK?! WHAT do you have to lose by choosing YOU and FINALLY open the flood gates of YOUR potential and fulfilling YOUR hopes and dreams; just being and TRULY living?!!

Makes,you think huh?