Fitness Friday…Happy Earth Day!

Fitness Friday…Happy Earth Day!

Well Friday is here again and now what? Do the Same stuff over again or get out and change YOUR life? Hmmm let me think on that one! Well yes to the last and a big fat NO to the first! I’ve got to say I’m tired of the whole do-over phenomenon; I don’t want to perpetuate the negatives in my life and I certainly refuse to do those same things I’ve done in the past that led to setbacks and disappointment.

I don’t know about anyone else but as for me, I’m looking and fighting my way to a better me from the inside out- A total “detox” of the mind, body and spirit! I’ve learned (and  I’m still LEARNING) that true health and healing that leads to fitness, has to start from within (yeah I know it sounds like a cliche but it’s true) and so yeah, it’s a PROCESS; meaning TIME is involved, HA ha! Anyway, as I think about earth day and what it should mean to us all-protecting our natural resources and heritage, the environment, sustainability, conservation, environmental justice for all, etc, I WE’VE got a LONG way to go in terms of evolving into a species that WE ALL can be proud of.

I personally plan to start with me (“being the change I want to see”) and partnering with other like-minded individuals; after, YOU’VE gotta start somewhere right? I started this journey last summer and I aim to get healthier, stronger (on the inside and out), and flower into the person I’m learning, I was truly meant to be-I’ll be taking my friends with me too!

P.s. .Next stop, my local farmer’s market for some natural (and organic) goodness for tonight’s dinner plate😃😃👌🌱🍴wp-1461371288908.jpg

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