When the defecation hits the oscillator! …

When the defecation hits the oscillator! …

Yep it’s been a “min” since my last post,buuut let me just say, when things go all kinds of crazy sometimes you have to just L.E.T. I.T. G.O.👊 It’s been a busy couple of days full of mishaps, work, physical setbacks and today? Well, let’s just say that I’m not a violent person or else the heifer who side swiped my car would be missing a few teeth 😬👊

Yeah I know it’s not the adult response but dang it! There are people and forces that can really get you riled up and off balance-distract you from your goal! As I sit here ranting away, I’m so ticked off about it all and yet, I’m also shouting out loud that this has just “MOTIVATED” me to not let all those negative forces divert me from my prize! That prize is SUCCESS- Success in my health and fitness, success in my business, and just being the positive and gifted person I’ve been called to be!😉😜 Next stop, putting ALL of that into action…BOOM SHAKA LAKA!!

P.s. Happy Friday and don’t let the NEGATIVE keep you from embracing the POSITIVE and all the power that comes with it! Get Fit and Fabulous this beautiful weekend in the sun…😎🌞

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  1. Love this motivation from a negative situation! You are living your calling girl! Keep on keeping on with your fit and fabulous self! 🙂 don’t let anyone dull your sparkle! (Or situation)


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