No “Expert” required…

Okay, break out the tissue on this one because you might need it after I’m done! Here goes: be honest, I mean REALLY  be honest with your self-do you really think you NEED an expert to tell you you’re going nowhere fast, a hamster on someone else’s wheel, working on someone else’s dream? And do you NOT already know that you’re over-stressed, over-worked, over weight and slowly killing yourself because YOUR HEALTH sucks?!

I G.E.T. I.T.! Really I do know what that’s like! A few years ago I hit a rough patch in my life (relationship and health issues, etc) and though I’d like to say I’m totally over it all, that would be a lie. Yes I’ve grown a lot, but I’m still battling through health issues; the only difference is, I FINALLY got tired of looking in the mirror and NOT liking what I saw. This wasn’t because I was some evil “Borg” Queen (oops, my inner Trekkie speaks again *wink*) out to crush everyone in her path in order to climb the professional ladder, or even just a sad excuse for a human being; my problem? FEAR! It cripples and hinders even the best of us, and if you don’t get a grip on it, it will trap you on an endless cycle of discontent, failure and hopelessness.

In my case, the most obvious symptom was being over weight, unhealthy and stressed to my breaking point. I’m not going to go into a long story or get :preachy” but I will say this, YOU WANT CHANGE? Take ACTION otherwise you’re really not at your breaking point, AND YOU’RE just wasting your time and anyone trying to help you get on track; Yep, I’m talking about me! I CAN NOT help you get to where you want to be unless, YOU DECIDE and COMMIT to the journey too…

Start Now…

If it don’t apply, let it fly!…

Yes, yes, yes and YES! I was listening to some positive words of wisdom from a wise soul at work the other day, and at the end of all her musings, she said “if it don’t apply, let it fly”, in reference to negativity, unproductive criticism, and all those “things” or “people” who want to “help” us kill our dreams before we even have a chance to make our own calculations.

Wow, I do believe I’ve seen that movie! “No, no, you’ve gotta stick to what you know”,”are you still trying to lose some weight dear?”, “your standards are just too unreasonable”, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, “don’t quit your day job” ( to start your own business and follow your dreams) and Blah, blah, blah, BLAH! Been there, done it, AND NOT going back down that rabbit hole. It always seems like all the negative ninnys seem to appear in droves whenever you feel like you’ve finally hit that jump off point; where  you’ve gained the strength to take the risk to change and better your life.

My take away from that convo? don’t let your situation, negative criticism (yes, there is a difference between productive criticism vs. the other stuff), or other people’s vision of YOUR potential future, hinder you. If you’re serious about getting fit and healthy, then take ACTION and block out anything or anyone who’s telling you that you’re not being realistic. If that were true, NO one would take a reality tv star as a REAL candidate for president; just saying! Enough about that and back to the issue at hand. This journey has taken me to some interesting and uncomfortable places in my life, but I don’t regret any of it because I’m in a much better place physically not to speak of my mental and emotional health.

All that being said, you do have to be honest with yourself and face the facts about your situation, NOT wallow in them! Once you’ve done that, make a plan, plot your course, and stick to it. Now for the really hard stuff, haha ha…


Get uncomfortable!

Get uncomfortable!


Too many times we get stuck because we get too comfortable in our lives, the status quo, our fears, and jobs that while they may not be our passion, at least they “guarantee ” a regular check / pay so that we can continue to pay our bills and go on the proverbial ” vacation” or “stay-cation” (I  soo hate that made up word,  for vacations you can’t afford to go on!). Still, being uncomfortable is not a feeling I’ve been encouraged to feel-especially during my formative years (i.e. childhood ). Now, I find myself growing and expanding beyond my comfort zone and that’s huge! Imagine breaking free from the weight, expectations and demands of people, situations and entanglements that if you’re honest, you should have long since terminated.

It’s scary but necessary and while it might be nice to stick with the comfortable and mundane-that won’t take you to the NEXT level! Fear, mediocrity and a lack of established  boundaries will not just hinder you from moving forward, they will also chain and enslave you to your current place in life. I know, it sounds depressing BUT, that old phrase? “Use it or lose it”? It’s true; if you don’t grow you will stagnate and atrophy (metaphorically speaking, of course! ).

Well what does that have to do with working out, blah blah blah? A LOT actually; if you don’t work out you lose muscle, strength, flexibility and even your health (depending on how far you go). The same way you train and work out your body, recognize it’s limits / boundaries and uniqueness, ARE the same exact strategies you use to develop internally as well as set limits for yourself and others (i.e. what’s acceptable for you in a relationship, when to say no, etc ).

Only YOU can make those calculations, and that ability and experience comes through A.C.T.I.O.N. There is really no way around it if YOU ARE serious about not just your physical fitness, but your emotional and mental health as well. For me, getting fit and healthy is the gateway for all things positive, empowering, and growth inspiring! This journey is oh soo exhilarating, but also demands that I let go of my fears and “baggage”-Wow! SCARRRRY!!!🙈

Bottom line? Be true to yourself and own it all, the good, the bad and yes, the ugly (sorry I couldn’t resist the movie reference; it’s a classic action flick / spaghetti western , and I’m an action/ Scifi buff so sue me!😜). Just, stretch yourself…👣wp-1465063791377.jpg

Nature Girl!

Nature Girl!

Yay for Saturday nature day!! I love the sunshine and all that it signifies-life, renewal, vision and direction. That’s what I think of when I see the sun light streaming in through my windows and for me, that’s hope finding it’s way to me and guiding me on my journey. A little corny but, that’s how I feel about it so there ! *sticking out tongue* 😀

I’m thinking farmers markets setting up shop, tulips stretching out their leaves as their petals unfurl, yeah, yeah, that’s right I’m feeling a little poetic so sue me….these are just some of the things that come to my mind when I think of Spring and later, Summer.


I get really energized, especially for my workout mindset, when the sun is shinning and there’s a balmy breeze blowing in through the balcony doors; awesome. RIGHT?! Who can’t visualize the magic of a beautiful day filled with the sights and sounds of nature even as you add your own tone to that sacred melody, just, WOOOW! I’m grateful for fellow fitness sojourners teaming up with me for a brisk hike at the Indiana dunes and forward unto….the next adventure!👋🏽😂🌻👣wp-1461008071326.jpg



Hey, hey, hey! It’s Friday and I’m so ready for the weekend. While I’ve yet to complete my to-do list for this week, I can’t allow myself to fall into that vicious cycle of beating myself up and getting discouraged about not getting EVERYTHING done! Wew! So glad I got that one out of the way. At least I can say I’m finally bringing to stick to my list, Ha haha…live and let live I always say. Anyway another week bites the dust and I just want to say I’m grateful for better health, a solid fitness and health plan that is GETTING AWESOME results!!! Woot! Woot!

Why am I so excited? Well ? YOU try going jumping through nearly every pseudo fitness/weight loss plan plus a gym membership (going nowhere I might add) for like 2 YEARS, and see how ya like it! I STILL had the weight and crummy health and I was going nowhere fast. FINALLY, I was SOO done with the fad diets, the dubious weight loss gimmicks and so-called “trainers” at the gym who just bleed dry (of $ money$). I learned that a dubious regime plus a lack of proper support is almost as bad as nothing at all. Also, YOU’VE got to reach the point yourself where you tap out and say “ENOUGH”! If you’re not there yet, keep going where you’re headed because a LACK of commitment EQUALS no follow through and ultimately, NO RESULTS.

I’m not trying to be a downer for anyone who is struggling in this area because I GET IT! I’ve BEEN THERE GOT RID of the T-SHIRT SOO NOT buying another one; you get where I’m going with this so deal with it and be honest with yourself. By the way, I’m a chatty Cathy incase you’re interested in getting on board with me and my motley crew of fitness sorjourners, he hehe! 🙂 😉
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Your universe…create your space!

Your universe…create your space!

So yesterday I decided to take a nature walk after a muscle burning kick-ass workout and IT WAS GOOD! Yep, I did it and I can honestly say there’s nothing like the sense of accomplishment and pride you feel when you’ve pushed through and come out on the other side.

For me it was a big deal because this same time last year, I literally could NOT work up the energy, lung capacity and courage to do what I’ve done! I said to myself,  “REALLY?” “Are you really just gonna stay this way?” “Over weight, UNhappy, FEARful, and boxed in?”

Nuh Uh! I soo was not going out that way! Next comes a coworker and friend who supported me and got me started with an awesome program and a wonderful group of ladies, each with their own struggles and journeys,  BUT UNITED in staying the course of getting healthy, fit, and empowered! BOOMSIES!! YAY, YAY! *backsliding like Micheal Jackson now* Hall haha, OMG, what a freaking journey it’s been but it ain’t over yet.

Now I’M  a fitness coach (shout out to my Beachbody buddies) and I’m humbled and empowered with the knowledge that I’m doing for others what was done for me AND I’M making money doing it! Can someone say, AWESOME!! and KACHING!!!  No its NOT ALL about the money, but it’s really nice to get paid for doing something you’re passionate about; especially in a world where so many people are suffering from poor health and nutrition.

All in all, Tuesday was a beautiful and hope filled day full of the sights, sounds, and yes, “smells” of nature. Getting outside and into the outdoors is a balm for my soul and there’s nothing like it. Maybe it’s  something about the physical action of engaging with nature that makes you connect and define your place within IT-YOUR UNIVERSE!

Here’s MY JOURNEY and “say hello to my lil’ friend” ha, haha (love my AL Pacino movie lines, *wink*) as i share a small slice my outdoor therapy what about YOUR JOURNEY? If you haven’t started yours, feel free to join me on mine … 😉

Trying TOO hard…

Trying TOO hard…

Just Do You!

I dont know why we do this to ourselves; trying to be someone we’re not, live up to everyone else’s expectations of who we’re “supposed” to be or look like? What’s THAT about? You know,what I’ve found out? It’s really tiring trying to be ALL those things, almost like trying to create multiple versions of yourself, but you know what? Tragically, NONE of them are REALLY YOU 😦 😦

Ooh Wow! I’m way past 30 and I’m still blown away about “JUST” finally beginning to know this, he he he…yes I guess I truly am one of those “late bloomers”! I don’t think I’m the only woman who has gone through life living for other people instead of for H. E. R. S. E. L. F. but live and learn right? 😉

That’s yet ONE more reason I not only made the eye-opening decision to become a fitness coach and to take up blogging about my journey to fitness, health, and empowerment. For me it started with the need to get healthy after some major health issues (losing family members to disease and death didn’t help either 😦 ) and a real desire to take back MY POWER which I had unknowingly giving up to other people!

Damn! What a revelation that was! While it’s still something I struggle with from time to time, helping other women become stronger, healthier and empowered is literally what drives me as a fitness coach. I’m doing it so WHY NOT pay it forward and help some other women do it too!

Just like the song y’all, YOU don’t have to try to  BE someone else to make other people feel more comfortable; there’s no freedom or authenticity in that. Just, Do You…

Now it’s time to “WOMAN UP” (as opposed to man up, lol 🙂 ) and move “Forward Unto Dawn”! (haha ha and yes, that was a reference to Halo; having Halo withdrawals…)
P.s. I’m a Sci fi chick and proud of it! BOOM Skakalaka!! 😉

Some how it moves me…

Some how it moves me…

Soo it’s late at night or early, early morning depending on what side of the day you’re on, AND I’ve decided to try a crazy challenge -yep it’s official, totally gone a little cray, cray, determined to not just hit my fitness goals BUT it’s my platform to meet some other challenges head on…

See here, I’ve got some real personal challenges  (i.e health related, etc), personal development  (no more looking for the approval of others, stuff like that, yeah it’s a sickness with us women, yada, yada), and the list goes on. One thing at a time right? Well for me this is where the rubber hits the road and I’VE GOT NO INTENTION OF GIVING UP OR GIVING IN! NO HALF MEASURES!

Phase 1, get stronger physically and mentally; yep I’m visualizing myself as Rouge  (yes I’m a trekkie/action comic book junkie/Sci fi chick, aaand your point would be?!…yeah, that’s what I thought!), ha haha. Anyway, she’s one of my avatars; strong yet vulnerable,  we women really do rock!

Anyway, as a coach for Beachbody I get to preview and try out tons of workout routines-yes it’s a smorgasbord of routines for just about any preference.  But I digress,  my crazy idea is to try 21DayFix and Hammer and Chisel (alternating days of course; I’m a little crazy but not that much, lol) for the next 30days!

Of course I’ll also be chugging my shakeology after my sessions so I can sustain and feed the new me! Seriously, who has time to pop multivitamins, phyto nutrients, etc on a crazy work schedule? I NEED to be healthy and give my body what it needs to be strong and healthy, so no COMPROMISE HERE!
Laters y’all!
Let’s see what happens…before and after pictures to follow 😉
Ok, here’s the before picture 🙂

Resurrection Sunday : like the Phoenix rising from the ashes…

Resurrection Sunday : like the Phoenix rising from the ashes…

Easter Sunday (and monday too) is a day of true healing, redemption and renewal, at least that’s what this special day means to me. Sometimes I look back on the last ten years of my life and I’m thinking “you should be so much further; accomplished so much more “.


The truth is, I have a lot to be thankful for; finally finishing one degree after so much family  tragedy, being on my way to finishing another, starting a business, WOW! Did I really do all that (God is faithful)?

Balance, balance, balance; life is ALL (or almost) balance! So now onto getting my thoughts and perspectives about life, achievement and progress IN BALANCE as I move forward in this spring season of renewal and rejuvenation, yeah, woot, woot, and all that, no sad faces y’all! I’m beginning to get it now; movement forward equals progress; just like the slow but sure progress of the tortoise, I’m getting  things DONE! Now on to paying it forward…