Happy New Year!

The New Year is back and it’s definitely time for the NEW YOU! I just wanted to remind you all that my site has grown and moved to Freedom At The Crossroads and I’ve got a brand new post up about fitness, diet, and performance. You can check this and more right now!





It’s another Monday,  another week, and one more autumn in sight. I don’t know about you, but while I’m still grasping on to the last rays of summer, my heart can’t help but beat a little faster at the thought of autumn and all the goodies it will bring.  Yeah I know it’s going to be a bit “crispy” and the days will grow shorter, but what’s important is the C.H.A.N.G.E.!

Don’t you just feel like change is in the air? Like an air of expectation is just hovering around you, waiting for you to get a clue? Yes, I was feeling a little bit like I was trapped on that, dare I say it? Wow,that hamster wheel going NO where! I don’t know how I got on it, and I’m stumped at the fact that I’m just finally arriving at the realization  that I’ve been on it these last few weeks.

All that dissatisfaction, pent-up frustration and malaise I was feeling? Now THAT, was my inner self chomping away within and urging me to wake up! Some how, I had allowed personal and health challenges to whittle away at my focus, determination and passion! Damn! What a scary reminder to ALWAYS be vigilant in staying the course and to take care to both nourish and focus on your objective; regardless of whether it’s health, family or carrier oriented.

Okay, now that I’ve had my wakeup call, it’s time to ditch the malaise of that hamster wheel, flex some muscle, and get perspective! I don’t know about you, but I’m glad that my eyes are wide open, the adrenaline is pumping, and now? Well, I’m UNSTOPPABLE! I wonder though, who else is out there feeling “stumped” about where she (or he) is on life’s journey, at the crossroads and trying to get health and fitness, in balance?

All I can say is, welcome to the journey and embrace the change…



All YOUR pieces…

Now that my last rant is over, it’s time to dedicate some time to “reflection”  and the meat of the matter. Skeptic that I am, when ever someone tells me about some “miracle” weight-loss pill, diet or “beverage ” I just start to mentally bang my head against ANY hard surface and say,  SERIOUSLY?!

I mean this stuff is like a “dungus”! You know, that cross between crap and fungus? Yeah, that stuff.😐 There’s really no shortcut to a healthier, stronger you and ANY one who claims there is such a “cure” is literally lying his/ her ass off. Just sayin’😎 maybe I watch way too much late night television,  and definitely too much sci-fi AND Game of Thrones , BUT,my level of  amazement just goes right up when I  think about the crap that is being pushed on people who are desperately seeking a solution to their health care crisis-a life or death situation.

It’s heart breaking to see such misery and defeat in the eyes of soo many women ( in case you haven’t figured it out yet, my passion is women’s health 😉) who “think” they are trying a product, or cure all, only to waste their money on some snake oil being pushed by some famous person who by the way, has NEVER actually used the product.

The bottom line is, first, ACCEPT all of YOU plus your imperfections (and baggage) and then connect with the support and guidance that will get you on track with your health and fitness.  So to recap: Make a DECISION, PLAN, and take ACTION! Without these three things you’re literally on a hamster wheel going no where.

For everyone in my “fit tribe” of women (fitness accountability group), the understanding is that WE are ALL on this fitness journey together, encouraging one another to stay the course to achieving fitness, stating healthy, and living a fully empowered life! 👊 I’m just a quirky,  eclectic sci-fi chick leading my tribe to fitness, health, freedom and self-empowerment.

 I’ve gotta say, oh how sweet this journey and what a relief to be free from the constraints and expectations of people who don’t know the struggle or understand the feminine power that comes from self-acceptance and the “DECISION” (making that decision to change your health and life)…blessings on the journey 👣

Get uncomfortable!

Get uncomfortable!


Too many times we get stuck because we get too comfortable in our lives, the status quo, our fears, and jobs that while they may not be our passion, at least they “guarantee ” a regular check / pay so that we can continue to pay our bills and go on the proverbial ” vacation” or “stay-cation” (I  soo hate that made up word,  for vacations you can’t afford to go on!). Still, being uncomfortable is not a feeling I’ve been encouraged to feel-especially during my formative years (i.e. childhood ). Now, I find myself growing and expanding beyond my comfort zone and that’s huge! Imagine breaking free from the weight, expectations and demands of people, situations and entanglements that if you’re honest, you should have long since terminated.

It’s scary but necessary and while it might be nice to stick with the comfortable and mundane-that won’t take you to the NEXT level! Fear, mediocrity and a lack of established  boundaries will not just hinder you from moving forward, they will also chain and enslave you to your current place in life. I know, it sounds depressing BUT, that old phrase? “Use it or lose it”? It’s true; if you don’t grow you will stagnate and atrophy (metaphorically speaking, of course! ).

Well what does that have to do with working out, blah blah blah? A LOT actually; if you don’t work out you lose muscle, strength, flexibility and even your health (depending on how far you go). The same way you train and work out your body, recognize it’s limits / boundaries and uniqueness, ARE the same exact strategies you use to develop internally as well as set limits for yourself and others (i.e. what’s acceptable for you in a relationship, when to say no, etc ).

Only YOU can make those calculations, and that ability and experience comes through A.C.T.I.O.N. There is really no way around it if YOU ARE serious about not just your physical fitness, but your emotional and mental health as well. For me, getting fit and healthy is the gateway for all things positive, empowering, and growth inspiring! This journey is oh soo exhilarating, but also demands that I let go of my fears and “baggage”-Wow! SCARRRRY!!!🙈

Bottom line? Be true to yourself and own it all, the good, the bad and yes, the ugly (sorry I couldn’t resist the movie reference; it’s a classic action flick / spaghetti western , and I’m an action/ Scifi buff so sue me!😜). Just, stretch yourself…👣wp-1465063791377.jpg

Monday fitness goals…

Monday fitness goals…

Hmm so what’s the plan? Do some HIIT, yoga, hit the hiking trails real hard, head to the gym for some group exercise class (*yawn*), go for a run? Just WHAT? Aright, rant alert here! I’m so tired of the excuses as to why a large number of Americans are so unhealthy, stressed out, keeling over at their desks from being overworked, etc!! YES that’s ALL TRUE! But what’s also true is that we Americans are kings and queens of fear driven bondage-bondage to our employers, our jobs, and just plain old mediocrity! Sorry that smarts but I’M ALSO included in that sad number, so Baam!

We all have our issues, but at some point you have to be WILLING and COMMITTED to breaking the yoke around your neck and just crying out “enough IS enough”! Enough with being overworked and underpaid by employers, enough with being afraid of taking the risk of becoming your own boss, ENOUGH with living an unhealthy lifestyle-JUST ENOUGH! This is where I’M AT on my fitness and lifestyle journey; I’m done with working for someone else and his/her narrow assessment of my skills, gifts and potential and definitely DONE with being overweight and unhealthy! I look back this Monday and all I can say is, WOW! I’m finally doing it; stepping out and taking the risk to becoming my own boss, and literally controlling my own destiny, BOOMSIES!!

I love the NEW ME I’m becoming and I love the fact that there are other positive women out there pushing and supporting me on this journey! It’s HARD to get started but it’s definitely worth it, and here is where I end my little rant for now , ha haha! THIS is why I started this journey AND NOW it’s time to share that opportunity with other people who WANT and are WILLING to do the same for themselves and their families-DO IT because you know YOU ARE WORTH IT! Enough said and onward to the JOURNEY!


Fitness Friday…Happy Earth Day!

Fitness Friday…Happy Earth Day!

Well Friday is here again and now what? Do the Same stuff over again or get out and change YOUR life? Hmmm let me think on that one! Well yes to the last and a big fat NO to the first! I’ve got to say I’m tired of the whole do-over phenomenon; I don’t want to perpetuate the negatives in my life and I certainly refuse to do those same things I’ve done in the past that led to setbacks and disappointment.

I don’t know about anyone else but as for me, I’m looking and fighting my way to a better me from the inside out- A total “detox” of the mind, body and spirit! I’ve learned (and  I’m still LEARNING) that true health and healing that leads to fitness, has to start from within (yeah I know it sounds like a cliche but it’s true) and so yeah, it’s a PROCESS; meaning TIME is involved, HA ha! Anyway, as I think about earth day and what it should mean to us all-protecting our natural resources and heritage, the environment, sustainability, conservation, environmental justice for all, etc, I WE’VE got a LONG way to go in terms of evolving into a species that WE ALL can be proud of.

I personally plan to start with me (“being the change I want to see”) and partnering with other like-minded individuals; after, YOU’VE gotta start somewhere right? I started this journey last summer and I aim to get healthier, stronger (on the inside and out), and flower into the person I’m learning, I was truly meant to be-I’ll be taking my friends with me too!

P.s. .Next stop, my local farmer’s market for some natural (and organic) goodness for tonight’s dinner plate😃😃👌🌱🍴wp-1461371288908.jpg

Four Ways to be a Steward to the Soil | Wellness Warrior — Our Green Nation

Four Ways to be a Steward to the Soil | Wellness Warrior — Our Green Nation


I just had to share this lovely post in honor of  Earth Day from Our Green Nation! Please check it out …

Soil. Dirt. Ingredients for a mud pie (just add water!). Whatever you call it, soil is one of the main reasons we are alive on this planet. We’re also losing it and polluting it at an alarmingly rapid rate. Soil works on such a vast geological scale that it can be hard to think how […]

via Four Ways to be a Steward to the Soil | Wellness Warrior — Our Green Nation

Nature Girl!

Nature Girl!

Yay for Saturday nature day!! I love the sunshine and all that it signifies-life, renewal, vision and direction. That’s what I think of when I see the sun light streaming in through my windows and for me, that’s hope finding it’s way to me and guiding me on my journey. A little corny but, that’s how I feel about it so there ! *sticking out tongue* 😀

I’m thinking farmers markets setting up shop, tulips stretching out their leaves as their petals unfurl, yeah, yeah, that’s right I’m feeling a little poetic so sue me….these are just some of the things that come to my mind when I think of Spring and later, Summer.


I get really energized, especially for my workout mindset, when the sun is shinning and there’s a balmy breeze blowing in through the balcony doors; awesome. RIGHT?! Who can’t visualize the magic of a beautiful day filled with the sights and sounds of nature even as you add your own tone to that sacred melody, just, WOOOW! I’m grateful for fellow fitness sojourners teaming up with me for a brisk hike at the Indiana dunes and forward unto….the next adventure!👋🏽😂🌻👣wp-1461008071326.jpg



Hey, hey, hey! It’s Friday and I’m so ready for the weekend. While I’ve yet to complete my to-do list for this week, I can’t allow myself to fall into that vicious cycle of beating myself up and getting discouraged about not getting EVERYTHING done! Wew! So glad I got that one out of the way. At least I can say I’m finally bringing to stick to my list, Ha haha…live and let live I always say. Anyway another week bites the dust and I just want to say I’m grateful for better health, a solid fitness and health plan that is GETTING AWESOME results!!! Woot! Woot!

Why am I so excited? Well ? YOU try going jumping through nearly every pseudo fitness/weight loss plan plus a gym membership (going nowhere I might add) for like 2 YEARS, and see how ya like it! I STILL had the weight and crummy health and I was going nowhere fast. FINALLY, I was SOO done with the fad diets, the dubious weight loss gimmicks and so-called “trainers” at the gym who just bleed dry (of $ money$). I learned that a dubious regime plus a lack of proper support is almost as bad as nothing at all. Also, YOU’VE got to reach the point yourself where you tap out and say “ENOUGH”! If you’re not there yet, keep going where you’re headed because a LACK of commitment EQUALS no follow through and ultimately, NO RESULTS.

I’m not trying to be a downer for anyone who is struggling in this area because I GET IT! I’ve BEEN THERE GOT RID of the T-SHIRT SOO NOT buying another one; you get where I’m going with this so deal with it and be honest with yourself. By the way, I’m a chatty Cathy incase you’re interested in getting on board with me and my motley crew of fitness sorjourners, he hehe! 🙂 😉
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My response to : Brief on use of branded characters to market to kids | Food Politics — Our Green Nation

My response to : Brief on use of branded characters to market to kids | Food Politics — Our Green Nation

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has a new Issue Brief on food companies’ use of branded characters to market to kids. Here’s what it’s talking about: These, RWJ says, work better with junk foods than healthy foods, even though some child health advocates have called for their use only for healthy foods. I don’t want […]

via Issue Brief on use of branded characters to market to kids | Food Politics — Our Green Nation

I just thought I’d share this awesome post about food (I use this term loosely) companies’ marketing gimmicks for their next generation of junk food junkies! Seriously, sometimes I think the corporate food industry is REALLY screwing with the lives and health of the people I care about!

I feel like we’ve ALL got to get MUCH MORE active when it comes to what we’re allowing our families to eat as well as taking these corporate giants to task for their deceptive marketing (i.e. obscure food labels, deceptive language in ingredient lists, etc) strategies as well as what constitutes “natural” ingredient vs. unnatural; ’cause I can tell YOU there’s a huge difference between their description and MINE (I can also say the food advocates feel the exact same way as i do!)