You, your food and…

Your food and you!…

So it’s a new day, a new season, and with all of that comes a whole new set challenges. The fall season kicks off the hustle and bustle of preparing for upcoming holidays and the stress of all those unwelcome bills that come with multiple gift buying, household preparations, and travel expenses. So how do you STILL fit in a healthy eating and fitness plan? Well, you simply stick to the P.L.A.N. and remain focused on your goals (i.e. living a balanced and healthy lifestyle,etc).


I’m not saying there are no challenges in maintaining your health and fitness goals, but it is more than possible to be aware of what you’re eating, finding and using your “me” time to work out (it’s also an excellent way to deal with stress), and staying balanced in all (or most) areas of your life. Experience has taught me that the best way to do this, is by taking a step back and finding joy in the little things-a crisp sunny Fall day, an invigorating walk along the trails, or simply enjoying a hot cup of tea or coffee on the front porch (backyard, on the veranda, in front of your balcony, etc).

For the everyday woman who’s life is at the crossroads and who feels like she needs not just her health and fitness in balance, but life in general, I say, WELCOME! I have found that every woman is unique in terms of her story and her needs, especially at the “crossroads”. Why? The answer is relatively simple. The needs of a woman who is already stressed, out of balance both physically and mentally (i.e. overweight, frustrated, overwhelmed) is different from one who has her career, obligations, and family on track, etc but just needs “some” help losing a few pounds and leaning how to eat healthy!

The sad truth is that most of us women (especially if you haven’t seen 30 in a min😜) struggle with a chaotic and unhealthy life, but rather than valuing ourselves enough to change it, we choose for one reason or another, to stay on that hamster wheel going no where!

We need to admit and own our truth when it comes to our relationship with food and by extension ,  how we relate and perceive ourselves as well as others. we seem to be ignorant of the fact that FOOD plays an important role in our lives and an important aspect of culture. I guess like so many other things in this high-tech age, this is just one more thing that has become lost in the matrix of ” sameness” perpetuated by a media that serves itself rather than the welfare of society at large.

I’m not saying we bear no responsibility in own health, but I AM saying is that, the media bares some responsibility in terms of pushing “unhealthy” images and ideals of what constitutes beauty, a “healthy weight”, “healthy” foods (i.e. so called fat-free, zero calorie) etc. Our current mainstream media has in large part become the mouth piece of big Agra-business and corporations more interested in their bottomless than the wellbeing of society.

This is why I do what I do! I decided to get active and advocate for women’s health and to empower other women to fight back and reclaim their health, fitness. My goal is for women in my zone of influence to become knowledgeable about their food sources and equip them with the necessary tools to gain control of their health and nutrition. I’ll always remember these  wise words of my mom, “knowledge is power” and “the gates of the school-house are still open”!

If You are tired of UN-healthy crap being packaged and marketed to you as healthy, “low” in fat, etc, then get involved and educated about who controls your food- you are what you eat folks! The hard truth is that, if after all that hard work of getting fit and adopting a healthy lifestyle you’re still depending on big Agra-business and the fast food / packaged food industrial machine to give you good (derived from sustainably grown, mostly pesticide free or organic) quality food, dream on. An educated public is an empowered one, and too often that empowerment is in conflict with the bottom line of these corporations.

So what do I do to cut out the crazy and NOT break the bank? I keep it simple. Stick to mostly seasonal produce, buy my produce from local farms, buy organic where necessary (avoid the “dirty dozen”) and get involved in a local or community farm if at all possible. At the end of the day you, and your family are worth the time and effort, believe me! On a side note, my yummy red shrimp pasta dish 👇🏽 did NOT break the bank, contains mostly organic ingredients, and was both healthy and nutritious! #BoomShakaLaka 😜


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Fitness Friday…Happy Earth Day!

Fitness Friday…Happy Earth Day!

Well Friday is here again and now what? Do the Same stuff over again or get out and change YOUR life? Hmmm let me think on that one! Well yes to the last and a big fat NO to the first! I’ve got to say I’m tired of the whole do-over phenomenon; I don’t want to perpetuate the negatives in my life and I certainly refuse to do those same things I’ve done in the past that led to setbacks and disappointment.

I don’t know about anyone else but as for me, I’m looking and fighting my way to a better me from the inside out- A total “detox” of the mind, body and spirit! I’ve learned (and  I’m still LEARNING) that true health and healing that leads to fitness, has to start from within (yeah I know it sounds like a cliche but it’s true) and so yeah, it’s a PROCESS; meaning TIME is involved, HA ha! Anyway, as I think about earth day and what it should mean to us all-protecting our natural resources and heritage, the environment, sustainability, conservation, environmental justice for all, etc, I WE’VE got a LONG way to go in terms of evolving into a species that WE ALL can be proud of.

I personally plan to start with me (“being the change I want to see”) and partnering with other like-minded individuals; after, YOU’VE gotta start somewhere right? I started this journey last summer and I aim to get healthier, stronger (on the inside and out), and flower into the person I’m learning, I was truly meant to be-I’ll be taking my friends with me too!

P.s. .Next stop, my local farmer’s market for some natural (and organic) goodness for tonight’s dinner plate😃😃👌🌱🍴wp-1461371288908.jpg

Four Ways to be a Steward to the Soil | Wellness Warrior — Our Green Nation

Four Ways to be a Steward to the Soil | Wellness Warrior — Our Green Nation


I just had to share this lovely post in honor of  Earth Day from Our Green Nation! Please check it out …

Soil. Dirt. Ingredients for a mud pie (just add water!). Whatever you call it, soil is one of the main reasons we are alive on this planet. We’re also losing it and polluting it at an alarmingly rapid rate. Soil works on such a vast geological scale that it can be hard to think how […]

via Four Ways to be a Steward to the Soil | Wellness Warrior — Our Green Nation

Nature Girl!

Nature Girl!

Yay for Saturday nature day!! I love the sunshine and all that it signifies-life, renewal, vision and direction. That’s what I think of when I see the sun light streaming in through my windows and for me, that’s hope finding it’s way to me and guiding me on my journey. A little corny but, that’s how I feel about it so there ! *sticking out tongue* 😀

I’m thinking farmers markets setting up shop, tulips stretching out their leaves as their petals unfurl, yeah, yeah, that’s right I’m feeling a little poetic so sue me….these are just some of the things that come to my mind when I think of Spring and later, Summer.


I get really energized, especially for my workout mindset, when the sun is shinning and there’s a balmy breeze blowing in through the balcony doors; awesome. RIGHT?! Who can’t visualize the magic of a beautiful day filled with the sights and sounds of nature even as you add your own tone to that sacred melody, just, WOOOW! I’m grateful for fellow fitness sojourners teaming up with me for a brisk hike at the Indiana dunes and forward unto….the next adventure!👋🏽😂🌻👣wp-1461008071326.jpg

World Health Day…Not so great news!

World Health Day…Not so great news!

Happy World Health Day! OK now that I got that out of the way I can get back on my soap box and rant about the evils of the fast food industry,  big Agra-business, and our legislators who have sold themselves to the highest bidder. I’m tired of ranting and raving NOT because the problem has gone away or even because I think things are getting better. The problem IS things are MUCH worse than I thought and in the words of Bernie Sanders “We need a political” (and social ) revolution !

In this case, the revolution is one where WE the people wake up and realize that we are allowing ourselves and our planet to be poisoned by processed foods and an overuse of petrochemicals in our food cultivation practices. Our complacency about our physical and environmental health has helped us lose sight of the importance of knowing where our food comes from and HOW it ends up on our dinner tables.
Is it more complicated?  Yes! But we have start somewhere, and that place begins with us educating ourselves about where our food comes from, the benefits of making fruits & veggies the center of dinner plates, exercise, and the list goes on! THIS WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!! I’ve had to make ALOT of changes in my lifestyle because of health issues and trust me, while it ain’t always easy IT DEFINITELY beats DEAD anytime!
WE all have skin in the game when it comes to the health and safety of ourselves and our families; including that of our physical environment, and it’s waaay past time WE ALL STOPPED sitting on our collective arses and DID SOMETHING about it! Complaining about it won’t fix it, and  neither will making the usual excuses (too expensive to shift from our current modes of food production,  there’s no “real” difference between conventionally grown foods and organic, etc).

The truth is people are literally dying from poor health due in large part to a lack of access to healthy quality foods, clean water, and toxic environments. This is what corporate greed, a lack of regard for the natural environment,  and toxic methods of food production have led us.
According to the World Health Organization,  the number of people with diabetes has quadrupled since the 90’s! Seriously?! If that’s NOT a world in crisis I don’t know what is, but one thing is for sure. If you don’t take the initiative to change YOUR life and YOUR health, it more likely than not that YOU too will join those statistics.
The bottom line is don’t gamble with your health because it really is a matter of life or death and continuing down the road of poor health choices is a real gamble so stop hoping and start doing and “may the odds forever be in your favor”
P.s…Here’s a healthy plate recommendation for you! You’re welcome 🙂

My response to : Brief on use of branded characters to market to kids | Food Politics — Our Green Nation

My response to : Brief on use of branded characters to market to kids | Food Politics — Our Green Nation

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has a new Issue Brief on food companies’ use of branded characters to market to kids. Here’s what it’s talking about: These, RWJ says, work better with junk foods than healthy foods, even though some child health advocates have called for their use only for healthy foods. I don’t want […]

via Issue Brief on use of branded characters to market to kids | Food Politics — Our Green Nation

I just thought I’d share this awesome post about food (I use this term loosely) companies’ marketing gimmicks for their next generation of junk food junkies! Seriously, sometimes I think the corporate food industry is REALLY screwing with the lives and health of the people I care about!

I feel like we’ve ALL got to get MUCH MORE active when it comes to what we’re allowing our families to eat as well as taking these corporate giants to task for their deceptive marketing (i.e. obscure food labels, deceptive language in ingredient lists, etc) strategies as well as what constitutes “natural” ingredient vs. unnatural; ’cause I can tell YOU there’s a huge difference between their description and MINE (I can also say the food advocates feel the exact same way as i do!)


Ding, ding, diing! Dinner time…

Ding, ding, diing! Dinner time…

Ok soo I decided to experiment with dinner yet again! I love seafood; if it lives in the ocean I will literally eat it, lol 🙂 So what, I’ve got a seafood addiction. Sue ME. Anyway, back to my story; I decided on seafood pasta using mostly organic  products-the result? Uuhm uhm GOOD!

Not only that, I proved once again that, you don’t have to end up homeless in order to go organic. I’m so tired of the nay sayers talking about how unrealistic it is to eat mostly organic foods! Heck, if we didn’t spend so much money subsidizing big agribusiness and the fast food industry, we’d ALL be able to eat organic (or mostly so) foods 😉

P.s. here’s the end result featuring mostly organic fixin’s
plus my 2 buck chuck vino from my local Trader Joe’s , he he he 😉

Seafood medly sauteed with organic broccoli, & mini bella mushrooms!


Quick, quick, ahh!…easy and healthy meals on the go!

Quick, quick, ahh!…easy and healthy meals on the go!

Hands up, if you work long hours!

Eating healthy on the quick IS NOT quick!!

Literally have NO clue where to start?

Alright, note to self, enough with the whining already! What did those Paleo chicks do back in the day? I mean come, surely they had a tad more challenges and inconveniences than we, modern Homo sapiens  sapiens, ever had?

My deepest sympathies to y’all 😉 In all actuality we all through out the ages have had to find ways to eat well enough and often enough to propagate the species; regardless of the tech. I also think we have a tendency to make things more complicated than necessary;  case in point is how our food makes it to our tables. Getting “educated” about “conventionally” grown produce and “factory” farming (i.e. large numbers of animals packed in cages, yuck, yuck, yuck!) was almost enough to turn me off food altogether.

There’s hope though 🙂 Thanks to sustainable and humane  ( organic and local food farming, co-ops, etc) cultivation practices, we can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that WE don’t have to break the bank to gain access to pesticide free, sustainably grown, and humanely reared livestock FOOODS! YEAH!!!


After all that, cooking is easy! As I’ve mentioned before, I buy mostly organic foods and stay away from the “dirty dozen” ; those fruits and veggies that tend to get treated  with high amounts of pesticides,  and when I DO eat meat /poultry / fish I’m a little nutty about their origins! 🙂 😉

Soo I leave you with a quick healthy recipe starting with:

Your basic ingredients:-

1. Cup  of steamed organic brown rice& quinoa medley (available Sam’s Club, or other retailers)

2. 1/2 cup of organic mini bella mushrooms

3. 2 cups of shredded organic greens (psst! I got mine at traders Joe’s )

4. 1/2 cup of Sea food medley or other protein sources

5. 1 teaspoon of curry powder, 1/4 teaspoon of spices paprika and a pinch of sea salt to taste (you can also subst. 3 table spoons of stock instead)

6. 2 cloves of chopped garlic

Next, sautee your garlic in one tablespoon of cold pressed organic sunflower seed oil ( or any other oil that has a,high smoke point; I love coconut oil too! 🙂 ) with the dry ingredients and then toss in your brown rice-quinoa mix and veggies. Lightly sautee your seafood medley  separately (approx. 7mins ) and then toss everything together and Voila!  All done! Yep, it only took me 15mins and I was out the door with a healthy home cooked meal, Boomsies!

Next stop, the everything shake staring ALL THINGS SHAKEO, lol 😉 Also known as breakfast on the go, lunch on the go, guilt free frozen dessert smoothie, etc.. can someone say, FLEXIBLE!! Ha haha 🙂