Your universe…create your space!

Your universe…create your space!

So yesterday I decided to take a nature walk after a muscle burning kick-ass workout and IT WAS GOOD! Yep, I did it and I can honestly say there’s nothing like the sense of accomplishment and pride you feel when you’ve pushed through and come out on the other side.

For me it was a big deal because this same time last year, I literally could NOT work up the energy, lung capacity and courage to do what I’ve done! I said to myself,  “REALLY?” “Are you really just gonna stay this way?” “Over weight, UNhappy, FEARful, and boxed in?”

Nuh Uh! I soo was not going out that way! Next comes a coworker and friend who supported me and got me started with an awesome program and a wonderful group of ladies, each with their own struggles and journeys,  BUT UNITED in staying the course of getting healthy, fit, and empowered! BOOMSIES!! YAY, YAY! *backsliding like Micheal Jackson now* Hall haha, OMG, what a freaking journey it’s been but it ain’t over yet.

Now I’M  a fitness coach (shout out to my Beachbody buddies) and I’m humbled and empowered with the knowledge that I’m doing for others what was done for me AND I’M making money doing it! Can someone say, AWESOME!! and KACHING!!!  No its NOT ALL about the money, but it’s really nice to get paid for doing something you’re passionate about; especially in a world where so many people are suffering from poor health and nutrition.

All in all, Tuesday was a beautiful and hope filled day full of the sights, sounds, and yes, “smells” of nature. Getting outside and into the outdoors is a balm for my soul and there’s nothing like it. Maybe it’s  something about the physical action of engaging with nature that makes you connect and define your place within IT-YOUR UNIVERSE!

Here’s MY JOURNEY and “say hello to my lil’ friend” ha, haha (love my AL Pacino movie lines, *wink*) as i share a small slice my outdoor therapy what about YOUR JOURNEY? If you haven’t started yours, feel free to join me on mine … 😉

Spring break!

Spring break!

imdianadunesI don’t know about you, but I’ll take any excuse to escape from winter! We’ve all had and blazed past  the “New Year’s ” resolution phase and are now wondering,  what now? I’m thinking it’s actually time to reevaluate and shift gears so we can really make those much needed changes.

Getting outdoors from some nature therapy is a good way to “smell the roses”, recharge, or whatever. Breathing in the cool breeze of spring delicately scented with a hint of spring flowers, always lifts my spirits and reminds me that I’m still alive and filled with hope!

Staying and committing to fitness goals and lifestyle changes is never easy, BUT if you really want a life that’s dulling and positive, this is a great way to start. I started my journey last year after paying 2 years of gym fees at a gym I just couldn’t get up the energy and motivation to stick out!

I’d tries it before, but this time around I was feeling discouraged and unmotivated when I just couldn’t drop the weight or inches…

A friend at work reached out to me about beach body fitness ( yes, the very same one you hear about on tv, etc) and after some research, A LOT of skepticism,  I took the plunge because I had nothing to lose  (excuse the pun). Anyway, it worked in a big way for me, BECAUSE I actually connected with people who actually cared and supported me- who’d a thunk it! And online to boot, lol!

Out of that success I too became a beachbody coach who’s also committed to helping other women on their fitness journey. What ever you so this week, get outside and take some time for you because you’re worth it!