Today I want to talk about pain. There are different types and levels of pain, but today I realized that we are all going through various issues and even painful experiences in our lives. It’s NOT that I didn’t know this, it’s more like the power behind this truth hadn’t sunk in until today (meh, I’m thinking I did, but I needed to be reminded ). Today I was blown away by a woman’s confession to me on Facebook about how she has been struggling with weight gain, how she lost weight only to start gaining the weight once more. I’m going to skip the details and just say, DAMN!

There are so many people struggling with weight issues, body image, self-esteem (related to these same issues), and the boat-load of other crap that comes with it!😐
Today? She’s now reaching out to me and taking those FIRST few difficult steps to freedom and empowerment. I feel so blessed to say SHE IS NOT ALONE and NEITHER ARE YOU!πŸ‘πŸ˜‰ that’s why I am so emotional right now as I sit here and write and tell my story and share helping someone else CHANGE her life AND her story, because there are so many more narratives just like this; gut wrenching accounts of other women out there struggling in isolation and in some cases, shame, simply because they need some help and support!

THIS IS MY MISSION and MY calling; there a lot of women out there who are hurting who are suffering with physical setbacks coupled with weight gain, anxiety, depression poor health poor eating habits, unhealthy lifestyles and just all-around spinning on that hamster wheel!πŸ˜₯
and so today I am moved to reach out even more women who are looking for someone who is authentic who is Sincere who is real who has gone through the same struggles on this fitness journey and so I want to pump in Courage I want to motivate every woman out there who is other secretly trying to do it all alone, to just STOP!🚦 STOP trying to do it all alone without support, feeling ashamed because you need some help. Bottom line?

WE ALL need a little help sometimes, and to those who say it’s “not that hard to do” YOU DON’T speak for everyone out there, so NOW WHAT?!DId, did, did i stutter?! EXACTLY! πŸ‘ŠReardless, im going to continue my journey and mission as I live the fit, reaching out to the rest of my “tribe” of women on the journey to health, fitness, empowerment and joyful authenticity.πŸ™…
Moving along to speaking and connecting with all those in need of some knowledge, help, and encouragement because I RECOGNIZE that I am NOT alone on this adventure.πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜€ Wow, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, time to move on to the next exciting phase as I continue the journey to achieving fitness in my body, spirit, and mind. I’m in it to win it, kick some ass doing it, embracing the ride🚘 and taking My Tribe along for the journey2πŸ‘£

Get uncomfortable!

Get uncomfortable!


Too many times we get stuck because we get too comfortable in our lives, the status quo, our fears, and jobs that while they may not be our passion, at least they “guarantee ” a regular check / pay so that we can continue to pay our bills and go on the proverbial ” vacation” or “stay-cation” (IΒ  soo hate that made up word,Β  for vacations you can’t afford to go on!). Still, being uncomfortable is not a feeling I’ve been encouraged to feel-especially during my formative years (i.e. childhood ). Now, I find myself growing and expanding beyond my comfort zone and that’s huge! Imagine breaking free from the weight, expectations and demands of people, situations and entanglements that if you’re honest, you should have long since terminated.

It’s scary but necessary and while it might be nice to stick with the comfortable and mundane-that won’t take you to the NEXT level! Fear, mediocrity and a lack of established Β boundaries will not just hinder you from moving forward, they will also chain and enslave you to your current place in life. I know, it sounds depressing BUT, that old phrase? “Use it or lose it”? It’s true; if you don’t grow you will stagnate and atrophy (metaphorically speaking, of course! ).

Well what does that have to do with working out, blah blah blah? A LOT actually; if you don’t work out you lose muscle, strength, flexibility and even your health (depending on how far you go). The same way you train and work out your body, recognize it’s limits / boundaries and uniqueness, ARE the same exact strategies you use to develop internally as well as set limits for yourself and others (i.e. what’s acceptable for you in a relationship, when to say no, etc ).

Only YOU can make those calculations, and that ability and experience comes through A.C.T.I.O.N. There is really no way around it if YOU ARE serious about not just your physical fitness, but your emotional and mental health as well. For me, getting fit and healthy is the gateway for all things positive, empowering, and growth inspiring! This journey is oh soo exhilarating, but also demands that I let go of my fears and “baggage”-Wow! SCARRRRY!!!πŸ™ˆ

Bottom line? Be true to yourself and own it all, the good, the bad and yes, the ugly (sorry I couldn’t resist the movie reference; it’s a classic action flick / spaghetti western , and I’m an action/ Scifi buff so sue me!😜).Β Just, stretch yourself…πŸ‘£wp-1465063791377.jpg

FIT Tuesday…

FIT Tuesday…

Another day has come and goneΒ  but Tuesday is still going strong, ha haha! Yes I worked up a sweat >>hammering and chiseling<< my way to being fit and ooh so much stronger than I was yesterday!Β  I guess you could say I’m just a “bit” EXCITED when I look back over the last six months and say to myself “you’ve come a long way baby”!

Getting fit, healthy AND STAYING that way MUST be maintained;Β  you don’t just work to get there and then expect to magically stay that way! Ha ha, DUH! Good luck with that fantasy! 😦 πŸ˜‰

What’s your yardstick for measuring healthy? I hope it’s not “skinny” because frankly, there’re A LOT of UNHEALTHY skinny people poping up all over the Internet! A distorted body image is a great way to end up unhealthy and possibly lose your life! Eating healthy, having a great exercise and accountability regime IS THE BEST thing you can do for yourself! πŸ˜‰

Remember, there’s no shame in admitting you NEED TO change your lifestyle; it doesn’t matter where you start, JUST DO IT ALREADY! !!
P.s. I’m currently huffing my way through team Beachbody’s Hammer and Chisel workout regime with Segei and Autumn C….No pain, no gain! Ha haha…good pain, good pain *wink* πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ

Nature Girl!

Nature Girl!

Yay for Saturday nature day!! I love the sunshine and all that it signifies-life, renewal, vision and direction. That’s what I think of when I see the sun light streaming in through my windows and for me, that’s hope finding it’s way to me and guiding me on my journey. A little corny but, that’s how I feel about it so there ! *sticking out tongue* πŸ˜€

I’m thinking farmers markets setting up shop, tulips stretching out their leaves as their petals unfurl, yeah, yeah, that’s right I’m feeling a little poetic so sue me….these are just some of the things that come to my mind when I think of Spring and later, Summer.


I get really energized, especially for my workout mindset, when the sun is shinning and there’s a balmy breeze blowing in through the balcony doors; awesome. RIGHT?! Who can’t visualize the magic of a beautiful day filled with the sights and sounds of nature even as you add your own tone to that sacred melody, just, WOOOW! I’m grateful for fellow fitness sojourners teaming up with me for a brisk hike at the Indiana dunes and forward unto….the next adventure!πŸ‘‹πŸ½πŸ˜‚πŸŒ»πŸ‘£wp-1461008071326.jpg

Your universe…create your space!

Your universe…create your space!

So yesterday I decided to take a nature walk after a muscle burning kick-ass workout and IT WAS GOOD! Yep, I did it and I can honestly say there’s nothing like the sense of accomplishment and pride you feel when you’ve pushed through and come out on the other side.

For me it was a big deal because this same time last year, I literally could NOT work up the energy, lung capacity and courage to do what I’ve done! I said to myself,Β  “REALLY?” “Are you really just gonna stay this way?” “Over weight, UNhappy, FEARful, and boxed in?”

Nuh Uh! I soo was not going out that way! Next comes a coworker and friend who supported me and got me started with an awesome program and a wonderful group of ladies, each with their own struggles and journeys,Β  BUT UNITED in staying the course of getting healthy, fit, and empowered! BOOMSIES!! YAY, YAY! *backsliding like Micheal Jackson now* Hall haha, OMG, what a freaking journey it’s been but it ain’t over yet.

Now I’MΒ  a fitness coach (shout out to my Beachbody buddies) and I’m humbled and empowered with the knowledge that I’m doing for others what was done for me AND I’M making money doing it! Can someone say, AWESOME!! and KACHING!!!Β  No its NOT ALL about the money, but it’s really nice to get paid for doing something you’re passionate about; especially in a world where so many people are suffering from poor health and nutrition.

All in all, Tuesday was a beautiful and hope filled day full of the sights, sounds, and yes, “smells” of nature. Getting outside and into the outdoors is a balm for my soul and there’s nothing like it. Maybe it’sΒ  something about the physical action of engaging with nature that makes you connect and define your place within IT-YOUR UNIVERSE!

Here’s MY JOURNEY and “say hello to my lil’ friend” ha, haha (love my AL Pacino movie lines, *wink*) as i share a small slice my outdoor therapy what about YOUR JOURNEY? If you haven’t started yours, feel free to join me on mine … πŸ˜‰

Trying TOO hard…

Trying TOO hard…

Just Do You!

I dont know why we do this to ourselves; trying to be someone we’re not, live up to everyone else’s expectations of who we’re “supposed” to be or look like? What’s THAT about? You know,what I’ve found out? It’s really tiring trying to be ALL those things, almost like trying to create multiple versions of yourself, but you know what? Tragically, NONE of them are REALLY YOU 😦 😦

Ooh Wow! I’m way past 30 and I’m still blown away about “JUST” finally beginning to know this, he he he…yes I guess I truly am one of those “late bloomers”! I don’t think I’m the only woman who has gone through life living for other people instead of for H. E. R. S. E. L. F. but live and learn right? πŸ˜‰

That’s yet ONE more reason I not only made the eye-opening decision to become a fitness coach and to take up blogging about my journey to fitness, health, and empowerment. For me it started with the need to get healthy after some major health issues (losing family members to disease and death didn’t help either 😦 ) and a real desire to take back MY POWER which I had unknowingly giving up to other people!

Damn! What a revelation that was! While it’s still something I struggle with from time to time, helping other women become stronger, healthier and empowered is literally what drives me as a fitness coach. I’m doing it so WHY NOT pay it forward and help some other women do it too!

Just like the song y’all, YOU don’t have to try toΒ  BE someone else to make other people feel more comfortable; there’s no freedom or authenticity in that. Just, Do You…

Now it’s time to “WOMAN UP” (as opposed to man up, lol πŸ™‚ ) and move “Forward Unto Dawn”! (haha ha and yes, that was a reference to Halo; having Halo withdrawals…)
P.s. I’m a Sci fi chick and proud of it! BOOM Skakalaka!! πŸ˜‰

You can lose weight if you’ll just do…

You can lose weight if you’ll just do…

Alright! I’m giving enough warning at the get go that THIS IS ANOTHER RANT! Why? because I’m sick and tired of wam bam weight loss gimmicks that do abso-freaking-lutely NOTHING! They do not shrink your waist (well without compressing major organs, possible internal damage, need I go on?), get rid of fat in one area (a.k.a spot training) while leaving the other unchanged, or help you get skinny in 48HRS! I mean REALLY?!

IF YOU are truly being honest with yourself, you probably know this-like your little gray cells are beeping that bull crap meter LOUDLY! In the words of my mamma, if it sounds like crap, more than likely it IS crap; sorry to burst your bubble (not really though) but the reality of weight loss that is EFFECTIVE, is rooted in a healthy dose of reality as well as being honest with yourself about how you got here in the first place.

I’m no Einstein but EVEN I know that some wonder gadget (I use that phrase loosely) being lauded by some celebrity, etc (I’m always leary of celebs pushing stuff they don’t even use) or anyone else for that for that matter, is NOT the way to sustain a healthy weight, see real and lasting results, and JUST getting and staying fit! No No, NO! Don’t set yourself up for failure

I’ve been there and done that; sooo not doing it again! Committing to a healthy lifestyle is just that, a healthy lifestyle! Shortcuts usually lead to baad things happening and I’d hate to hear any more stories about someone ending up in the hospital because they used some weight loss gimmick and came out on the wrong side of it 😦

Being a fitness coach and working in Healthcare means that I see a lot of UGLY that comes out of these “shortcuts” and I guess that’s why I get soo pissed off when I hear about the “real” end results 😦 😦 I’m not saying every quickie is suspect, buuut be suspicious of all things quickie!

Change direction and think about something that actually works (a coach who’s on the journey with you, being part of an accountability group, meal plans, vast library of workout routines to choose from, etc πŸ˜‰ )