Some how it moves me…

Some how it moves me…

Soo it’s late at night or early, early morning depending on what side of the day you’re on, AND I’ve decided to try a crazy challenge -yep it’s official, totally gone a little cray, cray, determined to not just hit my fitness goals BUT it’s my platform to meet some other challenges head on…

See here, I’ve got some real personal challenges  (i.e health related, etc), personal development  (no more looking for the approval of others, stuff like that, yeah it’s a sickness with us women, yada, yada), and the list goes on. One thing at a time right? Well for me this is where the rubber hits the road and I’VE GOT NO INTENTION OF GIVING UP OR GIVING IN! NO HALF MEASURES!

Phase 1, get stronger physically and mentally; yep I’m visualizing myself as Rouge  (yes I’m a trekkie/action comic book junkie/Sci fi chick, aaand your point would be?!…yeah, that’s what I thought!), ha haha. Anyway, she’s one of my avatars; strong yet vulnerable,  we women really do rock!

Anyway, as a coach for Beachbody I get to preview and try out tons of workout routines-yes it’s a smorgasbord of routines for just about any preference.  But I digress,  my crazy idea is to try 21DayFix and Hammer and Chisel (alternating days of course; I’m a little crazy but not that much, lol) for the next 30days!

Of course I’ll also be chugging my shakeology after my sessions so I can sustain and feed the new me! Seriously, who has time to pop multivitamins, phyto nutrients, etc on a crazy work schedule? I NEED to be healthy and give my body what it needs to be strong and healthy, so no COMPROMISE HERE!
Laters y’all!
Let’s see what happens…before and after pictures to follow 😉
Ok, here’s the before picture 🙂